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My Journey Into Getting Emacs Doom Up and Running

A lot of my friends and people I interact with talk about how using Emacs has changed their life. I decided to try this out myself, and started with Spacemacs. I really struggled, I think mainly because of two reasons: a) I am completely clueless about any Emacs concepts and terminologies and b) Spacemacs was very slow on my computer.

A little bit of research led me to believe that Doom is another Emacs framework which is generally faster than Spacemacs, so I have decided to give this another shot. I will document my learning process here, and follow this tutorial.

Installing Doom

Installing Doom was not that hard. I use macOS and followed the instructions here, and things were really fine. Remember to add $HOME/.emacs.d/bin to your terminal’s PATH for the doom command to be accessible!