Chaitanya Baranwal
Exploring and learning.


Garena (Seagroup): As a software engineering intern, I worked in the iOS team of BOOYAH! Live, a relatively new live streaming app being developed at Garena. I developed the “Time Limited Events” feature, where the user can finish certain missions (for example, watching a stream for 1 hour) to win rewards. I also conducted some performance profiling and optimization to improve the responsiveness of the streaming UI under heavy chat usage. Finally, I also developed a client-side reverse proxy to be able to monitor network requests and responses from AVPlayer, which was core to the product as the entire streaming traffic goes through the reverse proxy.

Computing for Voluntary Welfare Organisations: As a software engineering intern at Lions Befrienders Service Association, I worked on developing and maintaining a case management system for efficient operation, data capture and data consolidation. Some of the things I worked on included enhancements for the report generation system, as well as writing scripts for fixing missing data and validation errors in the database. The system is used by more than 100 staff members and manages 6000+ clients, and is developed using Ruby on Rails.

Free and Open Source Science and Engineering Education: As a summer intern, I worked on the forums site to add a spam filter (using linear SVM) for forum posts, a moderator interface for authorised users to edit content and several other improvements. I used Django for backend, with HTML, CSS and Javascript for front-end improvements. The project report can be found here.

Saturday Kids: As a curriculum development intern, I was charged with designing a curriculum for game development for children aged 10-15. My final proposal was based on Unity’s Playground Project. Unity is planned to be included into Saturday Kids’ project-based learning curriculum.