Chaitanya Baranwal
Exploring and learning.

Hello World!

I am a junior pursuing Computer Science at the National University of Singapore, also studying under the University Scholars' Programme. You can look at the research papers and essays written during my studies at USP here.

I am also a coreteam member of NUS Hackers, an active tech community in Singapore aimed at promoting the hacker culture.

I've been coding ever since I was in high school, and I've especially enjoyed learning about algorithms and programming languages in university. The first app I ever developed was a snake game written using pygame*. Since then I've made several other projects, which can you check out here!

I also love reading books, watching movies, playing table tennis and following international politics.

You can reach out to me at, or my GitHub, LinkedIn, or Facebook.

* Sadly, I have no idea where the code for that game is anymore.