Chaitanya Baranwal
Exploring and learning.


JSON-Visualizer: JSON-Visualizer is a web-app, which can prettify JSONs, and also visualize them in beautiful graph-like structures. I wrote it using React and D3.js. To color-code formatted JSON, I used a regex expression, and I also created a recursive function to transform the JSON data into a parent-child hierarchy D3.js can understand. The source code can be found here.

WordStickerBot: Created during Hack and Roll 2019 with two other friends, Word-Sticker-Bot makes sticker-generation in Telegram easier (and accessible) to everyone. The user just needs to enter the text, select the style and a dedicated “WordArt” sticker set is created for the user. I created the entire bot skeleton, from commands to redirects using the python-telegram-bot API. You can find the source code here.

NUS Class Bot: NUS-Class-Bot is a Telegram bot to automate attendance-taking in classes. It interacts with the Google Sheets API to create an attendance spreadsheet for the tutor. The tutor can also generate a hash token, which the students enter to record attendance on the created spreadsheet.

Cinnabot: Cinnabot is a telegram bot designed for residents of Cinnamon College, NUS. It offers a variety of features like the booking status for spaces, bus timings, event broadcasts and feedback to residential committees. I implemented a survey function for continuous feedback on dining hall food, and a bot stats function to monitor bot-usage and popularity for different time periods. Future plans include an events digest using integration with Google Calendar. There source code can be found here.

Parkinson’s Analysis: Created in my first Hackathon, this app predicts if an individual has Parkinson’s disease. It does so by training on a dataset on Parkinson’s released by UC Irvine. Parameters like voice stutters are keyed in (the app does not measure these parameters), and an SVM model is used to predict the outcome. I worked on developing the app’s GUI using Tkinter, Python’s standard GUI package.